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Specialist locomotive kit suppliers from full kits to single components

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Please note all the contact information for Suppliers is on separate pages so that we can add more information for each supplier whilst keeping page download times as low as possible.

  B.T.S. Master Creations - Limited Edition Craftsman Structure Kits.
B.T.S. Structures - Small-to-medium structures, some may be limited editions. These are miniatures of real structures for the modeler who wants to model a specific area or road, and they will work well for many other lines also. As in the case with the East Broad Top series, there may be several buildings offered for the same road. Most are laser-cut, but pre-cut scale lumber is used where it works better.
  Banta Modelworks Manufacturers of quality craftsman kits using a variety of materials. We use industrial lasers for cutting and etching wood, and Hydrocal® plaster for masonry buildings. Many of our structures are of specific prototype buildings located along the old Rio Grande Southern Railroad or Denver and Rio Grande narrow gauges, Southern Pacific standard gauge, with an equal amount of freelance structures designed to enhance any layout being built to a particular prototype or built to your own imagination.
  Coyote Flats Depot Manufacturer of On30 kits, finished models, and laser services.
  Gary Raymond Wheelsets Quality Large Scale Metal Wheelsets
  Grizzly Mountain Engineering Model Railroad Equipment, Brass Locomotives, Model Railroad Kits, Sound Systems, Sound Cams, Speakers, & Related Components, Lighting Systems, Custom Sound & Lighting Installations, three way stub switch machines, complete repair and upgrade of PFM sound systems, laser kits including wagons, stations and passenger cars, 1:20.3 rotary snow plow kits
  Micro Loco Motion For remotoring your precious and expensive brass or precision plastic Model Railroad locomotives in all scales from Z to G including Narrow Gauge.
  Mount Blue Model Company Precision Engineered Model Railroad Kits in HO, HOn30, S, Sn2, O, On2, On30, 1:20.3 Our fine laser-cut kit range includes structures, car bodies, detail parts, and decals. Narrow gauge, especially Maine two-foot spoken here. Our kits depict SR&RL, RGS, WW&F, and freelance subjects as well as an ever expanding line of structure kits.
  North West Shortline Since 1959, the world's premier maker of wheelsets, gearboxes, replacement motors, tools, and other products for the advanced railroad modeler.
  PBL Design, Manufacture, and Import Models in 3/16" Scale for Discriminating Hobbiests the World Over.
  PPW-ALINE A-Line/Arrow Hobby, a division of Proto Power West, is a diversified hobby products retailer and manufacturing company producing a high quality line of precision HO locomotive power chassis, model vehicles and vehicle detail parts, intermodal containers and cars, and an extensive line of railroad detail parts.
  Precision Scale Models Precision Scale Co., Inc. (PSC) is one of the largest manufacturers of scale model railroading brass and plastic super-detailing parts in the world. Our extensive line of N, HO/HOn3, S/Sn3, O/On3/On2, 3/8", Gauge One, and 1/2" LGB parts now number in excess of 17, 000 different items and continues to grow.
  RY Models Fine quality brass models.
  Stonebridge Models Locomotives and Buildings in Z, N and HO.
  Thin Film Decals Decals for HO, HOn, S, SN, O and On.
  Wiseman Model Services Inc. Over the years we have acquired several product lines and have many new and previously produced kits available.

In order to make sure this data is as up to date as possible for you we would be grateful if you could mention when you contact any of the detailed suppliers.

As you can appreciate the information given here is given in good faith but if you do spot an error or omission please let us know by completing the SUBMISSION FORM.

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