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Use this link to submit details of your Club or Society.


Clubs and Societies Directory

Providing contact details for Local, National and some International Clubs and Societies.

If your Club or Society is not listed then just complete the SUBMISSION FORM with your details and we will ensure this is added to the Directory on the next update.
While you are doing this, why not also advertise your next exhibition. You can submit your details up to 12 months in advance by simply completing the submission form for the Events Calendar page here.

Please mention when you contact any of the detailed Clubs or Societies so they can be assured their listing is worthwhile.

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MISCELLANEOUS - Societies and clubs with a much broader range of interests.
Lionel Operating Train Society, Inc, Ohio
Contact Details: Business Manager/event Coordinator , Paula Smith , 6376 W Fork Road , Cincinnati , Ohio  45247-5704 Tel: 513-598-8240
The Members of the Lionel Operating Train Society (LOTS) are united by their love of operating and collecting Lionel and compatible toy trains of today and yesterday. Members have a variety of interests within the hobby including layout construction/maintenance, creating scenery, electronics, operations, lighting, accessories and repairing of items. Many enjoy collecting the limited edition cars we offer each year. Join today at
Details last updated 17th May 2017

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