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Manufacturers and Suppliers Directory - Listed with Summaries

For an explanation of each category just hold the cursor over the links detailed above and if you spot any errors or omissions please let us know by completing the relevant SUBMISSION FORM.

Remember, unlike Model Shops, many of these Suppliers do not accept visitors to their premises.
You must contact them before visiting. Please do not just turn up expecting them to welcome you with open arms.

20 Most Popular Suppliers :
Grizzly Mountain Engineering
Ulrich Model Kits
A A A Precision Turntables
Intermountain Railway Company
Charlie's Trains Wireplex
Tru-Scale Models Inc
K & P Brick & Building Co
A-Line - PPW - Newrailmodels
Forsyth Rail Services
10  C D S Lettering
11  Bachmann Industries
12  Affordable Model Railroads
13  Laserart Structures LLC
14  American Made Steel Bridges, Inc.
15  WM. K. Walthers, Inc.
16  Kappler Mill & Lumber Co
17  Athabasca Scale Models
18  Anvil Mountain Models - Mckenzie Iron & Steel
19  Monster Modelworks
20  Cream City Turnouts
Total Suppliers Listed : 458

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