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Manufacturers and Suppliers Directory - A to Z - Listed with Summaries

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C C Crow

Fine Hydrocal Castings by C. C. CROW, for craftsman and beginners, high quality and great fun. from stone walls and brick, simple basic kits to complex museum quality. Bridge abutments, piers, portals, depots, warehouses, roundhouses.

C D S Lettering

CDS Lettering has been producing dry transfers for all model railroad scales since the 50s. Our huge line has over 7500 different decals

C V P Products

At CVP Products, we design, manufacture, and sell high-technology systems and components to model railroad customers all over the world with 3 major product families: AIRWIRE900, EASYDCC and ZoneMaster.

Caboose Industries

Injection molded Delrin switch stands.

California Roadbed Co.

HomaBed (HOmasote-based) roadbed materials from Z to G

Campbell Scale Models

Campbell Scale Models was founded in 1960 and is now located in Central Point, Oregon. The company supplies most of the 19th century scale buildings found in small towns in the U.S. West. These include various railroad bridges, trestles, portals, stations and engine houses. For marine they supply piers, docks and boathouses; and for mining, mine heads and associated buildings.

Carolina Craftsman Kits

Craftsman structures and kits for the discriminating modeler.


In addition to its popular hobby magazines, Carstens also publishes an extensive array of railroad and aviation book titles representing the work of some of the finest hobby authors and photographers. Carstens Publications also distributes a wide selection of railroad and aviation books and magazines as well, and offers a collection of over 1, 400 freeflight, radio control and control line airplane construction plans. Selected titles from Atlantic Publishers.

Centerline Products

Manufacturers of model railroading's premier non-Abrasive and non-Derailing rail and wheel cleaning cars.

Central Valley Model Works

Manufacturer of classic American architecture in miniature

Charlie's Trains Wireplex

Lionel timplate repair parts, multi-conductor wire, light bulbs & supplies

Chooch Enterprises

Chooch features HO, N and O Scale loads and scenery details.

Cibolo Crossing

Structures and detail parts in O, S and HO scales.

Circuitron Inc

Manufacture high quality electronic circuits for detection, animation, control and special effects. Manufacture the TORTOISE Slow Motion Switch Machine for use in all scales. Manufacture the SMAIL Slow Motion Acuator with Integrated Logic - DCC decoder equipped. Sell the Mitey Lites line of sub-miniature incandescent lamps and Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs).

Circuits 4 Tracks

Affordable electronic solutions for model railroads.

City Classics

Classic American architecture in miniature along with building components, window dressings, signs and detail parts.

Classic Metal Works

HO & N scale vehicles

Clever Models LLC

Craftsman cardstock hobby kits and supplies. Laser cut cardstock shingles.

Clifton Backshop Services

Manufacturer of Proto48 track and roadbed products

Clover House

Model Railroad Supplies. At Clover House, we manufacture and sell model railroad supplies of the highest quality. We offer more than 2, 200 products to meet the needs of your next project.

The Coach Yard

Manufacturer of HO Scale brass passenger cars, locomotives and trains. Wholesales Only. This Supplier does not sell directly to the public.

Coastmans Scenic Products

Coastmans Scenic Products exists to provide you with the Highest Quality Evergreen Trees and Kits. Custom model and diorama fabrication is also available. We provide, to the best of our knowledge, the only real cedar tapered model fir tree trunks in the industry.

Commercial Scale Models

Commercial Scale Models has purchased the entire line of Laser cut kits from Northeastern Scale Models Both HO and N scale craftsman kits Easy to assemble. The entire line is at ***commercialscalemodels***

Como Shops

Rare, used and out of date books.

Comstock Carshops

Purveyors of Unique Model Railroad Supplies.

Con-Cor International Ltd

Con-Cor has been Manufacturing Scale Model Trains Since 1962. 2013 will be our 51st year in business. Products available through many hobby shops through out USA. Some International dealers will do special order for customers. However, we also are happy to sell direct to the individual model train enthusiast, as we have delivered over 50, 000 direct mail orders over the years to customers not only in USA, but many International countries. Not all items in stock at all times.

Concept Models

Developer of unique products for the serious HO railroad modeler. Currently manufactures schnabel, special flats, and unique tank cars as resin kits. Product line is continually expanding. Basic product lineis HO scale with some S gauge items in development.

Cordless Renovations, LLC

Custom built battery-Packs, analyzers / chargers & circuit boards for train enthusiasts and hobby stores throughout the United States & Canada.

Coyote Flats Depot

Manufacturer of On30 kits, finished models, and laser services. We will also be offering building kits, rolling stock, and more detail parts in the future, also we will be offering different scales other then O and On30

Cream City Turnouts

Cream City Turnouts is a custom manufacturer of On30, HO, HO Dual Ga., and HOn3 turnouts. Beside the standard L/H and R/H turnouts, Wyes, Slips, 3-Ways, and Single and Double Crossovers, we specialize in Stub, Curved, or any combination of turnouts that you can come up with. "If You Can Draw It, We Can Build It". We use Micro Engineering code 100, 83, 70, and 55 for all our turnouts. We go the extra mile and build all our turnouts with one-piece hinged point rails and a Pivot pinned throw bar.

Creative Laser Designs

Z, N, HO, S and O Scale building kits.

Cripplebush Valley

Home of Rubber Rocks, the quickest and most realistic way to model outcrops and rock cuts.

Crow River Products

Model building supplies for Model Railroading in HO and O Scale Model Ship building and Architectural models.

Crowe Railroad Art

Fine watercolor railroad art and original commissioned railroad art

Crystal River Products

Crystal River Products manufactures high quality wood kits for the hobby of model railroading. We take pride in our products, and the quality of the kits reflects it. All of our kits are designed to be built, not left in the box and never opened. We will not compromise quality for fast sales, but engineer our products to ensure the kit is easy to assemble, and provides the modeler with a structure he can be proud of.


Model Railroad computer control.

Curt Fortenberry Decals

Decals for the Alaska Railroad, Southeastern Roads, Milwaukee Road and Clinchfield RR.

Custom Signals

O, HO and N Scale Model Railroad Signals and Signal System for the 21st Century. The Custom Signals Modular Signal System works in conjunction with the Atlas 21st Century Signal System.

Custom Trax

Custom Trax is a completely assembled and ballasted track roadbed system that offers you a full line of track and turnouts for S and HO scale as well as Sn3, On3 and On30. It comes ready to install and features nickel silver rail on stained and weathered hardwood ties, all mounted on flexible roadbed that is fully ballasted.

Custom Traxx

HO traction decals and parts

Custom Traxx

HO traction decals and parts, Bowser HO scale streetcars
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12  Affordable Model Railroads
13  Cream City Turnouts
14  American Made Steel Bridges, Inc.
15  Laserart Structures LLC
16  Athabasca Scale Models
17  A-Line - PPW - Newrailmodels
18  Forsyth Rail Services
19  Athearn
20  Kappler Mill & Lumber Co
Total Suppliers Listed : 567

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