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Manufacturers and Suppliers Directory - A to Z - Listed with Summaries

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N C E Corporation

NCE: the Power of DCC

N J International

Model Railroading accessories in HO, N, S and O scales

N K P Car Company

Producers of a broad line of passenger cars made to a specific prototype to accurately model a particular railroad or train.

N K P Layout Services

NKP specializes in designing and building adult craftsman-level model railroads in HO, O and N scale.

The N Scale Architect Model Builder's Supply Line

Building kits in Z, N, HO, O and G

New England Brownstone

The highest quality model stonework All scales


Lighting effects for the Railroad

Norris Hobbies

Exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Vintage Rails DVDS, the Best of the Midwest Railroad Calendars, Large collection of American Prototype railroad photographs, and Railroad postcards.

North West Shortline

Since 1959, the world's premier maker of wheelsets, gearboxes, replacement motors, tools, and other products for the advanced railroad modeler.

O G R Publishing

Publishers of O Gauge Railroading magazine. OGR manufactures the Ameri-Towne line of O scale building kits and the Ameri-Build line of fully assembled and painted O scale structures. OGR also produces Model Railroad DVDS in Standard Definition and full 1080 HD.

Oak Tree Systems

A leading provider of signaling, automation, animation, and control systems for model railroads. Specializing in large, custom-Designed systems for clubs, museums, and private owners.

Ok Engine Company

Manufacturer of all metal model passenger cars in O and HO scales. Custom car services to place doors and windows in prototypical positions. All scale lengths available from 60 foot to 85 foot. We use six different metals to manufacture our cars to make realistic models of the real cars. 40 standard cars available or custom cut to customer specs.

Olsen's Toy Train Parts

OTTP manufacture and sell parts for Lionel, American Flyer, Marx, Dorfan, Ives, AMT, Noma and Thomas trains. Mail Order Only.

On Track Trestle

Timber trestle bridges that are scratch-built custom made and delivered to you fully assembled, stained, and detailed ready for easy installation on your layout. This is NOT a KIT.

Oregon Rail Supply

HO scale signals and accessories

Osborn Model Kits

Osborn Model Kits love to play with RC Model Boats, Wood Aviation Kits and Model Railroad Accesories! That's what sets us apart from the other guys. We take an idea that we have and make a model of it and after lots of R&D, this usually leads to us making a kit so other people can enjoy building what we have done.

Oscale Turnouts, Inc

Precision Engineered O-Scale 2-Rail turnouts.

Ost Publications

OST Publications is a micro publisher serving modelers who are dedicated to excellence and craftsmanship.

Ozark Miniatures

Largest manufactuer of g scale parts , details and kits. We cover 1/32, 1/29th, 1/24th, 1:20.3 and 7/8this scales. Details for all scales for locomotives, rolling stock, and buildings.


Design, Manufacture, and Import Models in 3/16" Scale for Discriminating Hobbiests the World Over.

Pacific Western Rail

We manufacture very highly detailed ready rub HO & N scale rolling stock. (Green Saskatchewan Grain covered hopper) Also "High Performance MagnaLock Brake Lines". NARCorp High Performance Low Friction HO scale trucks.

Paw of a Bear Model Structure Kits

Laser Cut Multi-Media Kits for Craftsman Model Railroaders

Pennsy S Models

Quality brass models available to a select few S Scalers.

Pennzee Ltd

Z Scale freight cars from Bowser and a range of cardstock structures

Phil's Narrow Gauge

F scale (1:20.3) Colorado Narrow Gauge freight cars and accessories.

Phillip's Classic Models

HO Scale wood windows, doors, and store fronts.

Pine Canyon Scale Models

Scale Model Structures and Parts

Platinum Rail Publications

Home of N-Scale magazine

Portland Car and Foundry

Rolling stock, decals, car kits, R-T-R freight / passenger car

Portland Locomotive Works

Laser cut wood kits in HO, S and O scales.

Prairie Locomotive Works

Model railroad stock for the On30 scale and custom layout building.

Prairie Works Productions

DVD videos on iron ore mining, ore transportation and steel mills, Midwest railroads, Northwest railroads, steel mill modeling and locomotive cab rides. CD books on steam locomotives, railroad depots & structures, heavy industry and other subjects. **Updated**

Pre-Size Model Specialities

A manufacturer of model railroad scenery accessories, specializing in tunnel portals, retaining walls, abutments, bridge piers and culverts.

Precision Scale Co., Inc.

Precision Scale Co., Inc. (PSC) is one of the largest manufacturers of scale model railroading brass and plastic Super-Detailing parts in the world. Their extensive line of N, HO/HOn3, S/Sn3, O/On3/On2, 3/8", Gauge One, and 1/2" LGB parts now number in excess of 17, 000 different items and continues to grow.

Precision Vintage Classics

S Scale car kits.

Pricom Design

Manufactureer of the Dream Player, sound effects for your layout.

Prime Mover Decals

Providing high quality model railroad decals for North Eastern United States railroads.

Pro Tech Model Parts

Model Car and Railroad Parts.

Progressive Model Design

Museum quality custom diorama and layout modeling service. Custom computer generated control panels. DCC and decoder installations.

Proto:87 Stores

The only Realistic, Detailed and Prototypically Accurate Hand-Laid Track, Fixtures, Parts and Tools for Z, N, HO, 00, 00-GS and Proto:87.


Providing the 1/4
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18  Anvil Mountain Models - Mckenzie Iron & Steel
19  Laserart Structures LLC
20  Cream City Turnouts
Total Suppliers Listed : 457

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