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Manufacturers and Suppliers Directory - A to Z - 1:220th Scale / Z Gauge

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Remember, unlike Model Shops, many of these Suppliers do not accept visitors to their premises.
You must contact them before visiting. Please do not just turn up expecting them to welcome you with open arms.

Please Note:
ModelshopsUSA have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information on this site however, no liability is accepted for any damage, costs, injury or financial loss of any kind incurred as a result of reliance on the information or opinions provided.

In order to make sure this data is as up to date as possible for you we would be grateful if you could mention when you contact any of the detailed suppliers.

20 Most Popular Suppliers :
K & P Brick & Building Co
Bachmann Industries
Monster Modelworks
GLX Scale Models
Ulrich Model Kits
WM. K. Walthers, Inc.
Olsen's Toy Train Parts
Black Bear Scale Models
Imperial Hobby Productions
10  Evergreen Scale Models
11  Spring Mills Depot
12  Iron Creek Shops
13  Prime Mover Decals
14  American Made Steel Bridges, Inc.
15  Intermountain Railway Company
16  Morse Productions
17  Tru-Scale Models Inc
18  Kappler Mill & Lumber Co
19  The Robert Grossman Company
20  Tomar Industries
Total Suppliers Listed : 316

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This page last updated on 6 October, 2018