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Model Railroad Exhibitions and Events Local to You

Search for events within    miles of Postal/Zip Code:   

Please enter your postcode.

You can search for Events up to a maximum of 250 miles from any Canadian or US postal code. Distances are as the crow flies and do not calculate journey distances which will usually be considerably longer. Please bear this in mind when selecting your maximum search radius.
Please note: only events where we have been supplied with a Postal/Zip Code will be displayed with this search.

This Exhibitions and Events calendar covers many of the Railway events in the forthcoming months. If your event is not listed just complete the SUBMISSION FORM with your details and we will add them on the next regular update.

We can advertise any of your exhibitions or club open days up to 12 months in advance AND you can submit any changes you need at any time.

Please mention when you contact any of the detailed Club or Society held events so they can be assured that their listing is worthwhile.

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23rd October 2012


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