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If you have something to say about how useful (or otherwise) you have found this site please let us know via the General Enquiries form.
As an enthusiast myself encouragement will be greatly appreciated as I am only trying to promote the hobby for all and am always open to constructive critiscism.

From Dennis Shipp, Dallas Texas

Thank you for a wonderful web sight. A ho lota info all in one place.

From Bennett, Albany NY

Thank you very much for your e-mail. It was really nice to read. Your website, (Model Shops USA) is an excellent and very useful help. I am sure that 99.99% of the businesses listed there are to be found for the person looking for them. It is really great that I can put my zip code in a block and then write the mileage I am willing to drive from there and it shows all the hobby stores from there in the mileage I am willing to drive.
Many places on the Internet are not updated to show that they are closed, even if they shut down quite a while back. For example; a lot of sites on the Internet still write that Miniature Hobbies (a scale model museum) in St. Charles, Missouri is still open for visitors. I drove there to see the place, (when I was visiting St. Louis), and I found out it was closed down years ago and a new business is in it's place. I added a paragraph to the Wikipedia page about St. Charles and wrote that it was closed in hope that anyone wanting to visit the museum will read on the Internet that it is no longer there.
Model Shops USA is one of the best sites on the Internet in finding a hobby store in the USA and I want to thank you for all the help you have provided for me and many others in locating these specific model stores.
All the best to you and yours, Adrian. It is a real joy to find people such as yourself and to visit sites such as Model Shops USA.

From Phil, Boise ID

It is nice to know that there are folks like yourself out there helping to promote model railroad events. Keep up the good work!

Phil Ulmen Jr.

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