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Across the Internet there are many discussion groups for numerous Railway topics.
This is a list of those that are currently active so if yours is missing just let me know.

  • BritRail
    A forum to discuss all aspects of modelling British Railways.
  • DEMU
    THE e-group for modellers and historians of the post-Modernisation Plan era british railway scene.
  • All Model Railroading
    A comprehensive Model Railroading Forum.
  • DigitalPlusbyLenz
    To help and inform the Digital Plus DCC user of what's new or how to fix problems you may incounter.
  • Gauge O
    An E-Mail list for those interested in Gauge '0' / 7mm railway modelling.
  • Gauge O Guild
    Mailing list for members of the Gauge '0' Guild.
  • GWR-elist
    The GWR email list is for discussion by enthusiasts, historians and modellers, of all matters concerned with the Great Western Railway (UK) and its constituents and successors including British Railways (Western Region) up to 1970.
  • HMRS Members
    Mailing list for HMRS Members for the exchange of historical railway information.
  • Lima Models
    A group to discuss all aspects of modern image modelling but with a particular leaning towards Lima trains.
  • NGaugeModern
    This is a general forum to discuss and ask advice on anything to do with modern image N Gauge British Outline. This can be loco's, stock, wagons, kits, buildings, etc so long as it's modern.
  • Railmaster
    To promote contact between all webmasters who run railway related pages.
  • Rustfans
    Rustfans serves modellers interested in industrial railways (and the Iron and Steel industry) in the UK and worldwide. Visit the files section to view images and information about the prototype and models. An expanding bibliography and magazine index is held in the database and clicking on links will take you to a wide variety of resources and interesting sites on the net.
  • Templot
    A mailing list for users of Templot track design software and everyone with an interest in model trackwork.
  • 3rdPlanIt
    This list is for users of, or persons interested in, 3rd PlanIt. A CAD software package for track planning and designing model railroad layouts.
  • UK Model Railways Forum
    A brand new PHP Bulletin Board where you can discuss the UK Modelling scene.
  • UK Railway Photography
    Railway photography in all its guises - for the casual snapper, to the full-blown do-it-every weekend enthusiast. Discuss location and darkroom techniques; critiques; swap images; diary of events; good lineside etiquette (or bad); opinions on restrictions).
  • General Lists of Available Newsgroups.
    Railway Modelling NewsGroups
    There are a great many discussion groups on modelling subjects. This list alone details 390 as at 4th April 2001. So, rather than listing them all, have a perusal of this page and select the ones that most interest you.
  • Trains and Railway related NewsGroups
    There are even more discussion groups on Railway and Railroad related subjects. This list details 293, again as at 4th April 2001. So, if you are just keen on Railways, have a perusal of this page and select the ones that most interest you.

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