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A-Line - Arrow Hobby

PO Box 2701,  Carlsbad,  California USA  92018
Telephone: 760-721-3393
eCommerce Website Contact Retailer by mail

 Credit Cards accepted Mail Order Service available
Opening Hours: MON-FRI 9am-5pm
Worldwide Export: No
Model Types Stocked:

Model Railways Kits Diecast Models


13th November 2016


Stockists of:

- North American Outline -
Manufacturers stocked:
Athearn, Atlas, Walthers, Intermountain, BLMA, Tangent, Promotex, Herpa, Details West, Newrailmodels, Monster Model Works, Summit Custom Cuts, Trucks’n Stuff, Rail Power Products, Lone Star, Ulrich Models, Archer Fine Transfers, Atv, Microscale, Detail Associates, Ring Engineering, River Point Station, Boley, Plano, American Model Builders, Blackstone, Exactrail, Proto
Scales & Gauges:
HO,HOn3, On30
Other Model Railway Products Stocked:
Rolling Stock Kits, Track, Trackside Accessories, Scratchbuilding Materials, Secondhand Items
Other Modelling Products Stocked:
Books & DVDs, Paints & Glues, Plastic & Card kits, Scenic Materials, Scratchbuilding Materials, Tools
Services Available:
- Modelling Advice - Service & Repairs - DCC Decoder Fitting - Limited Edition Models -

Thirty-One years in business. Diverse selection of products, mainly HO, HOn3, On30 scales, trains and vehicles, die cast, detail parts, diesel and freight cars, photo etched parts, scratch building supplies, miniture brass chain, undecorated diesel shells and frames, repowering parts, can motors, weighting supplies, tools, track cleaners, decals, Intermodal equipment, Hobby Tote carrying and storage system, books, CDS, vehicle detail parts, Blue Point switch machines, DCC components. Structures
[RateIT] Current Rating: One & a half Stars
 Previously submitted Customer Comments

Doug , Portland, OR - 29 Jan 2018 - No Stars
The place is a joke put a order in and got it two weeks later. Put in two more large orders for items in stock and joe the owner jacks up the price so i had to change my order and purchased some other items that were in stock he canceled my two orders and refunded my account with no contact. I really don't know why joe is in business he seems to police what and how much people buy from him. This is very strange you would think the reason your selling items in a online store is to make money, i think this is just a hobby that joe just can't let go. I have also filled a complaint with the ca bbb and they have advised me to contact the state of ca to file a discrimination case. I have never seen this behavior from a business owner before and won't recommend or be buying from a-Line-Arrow hobby in the future.

Spencer , La Crescenta, California - 12 May 2015 - Three Stars
When I first ordered some items from them, it took a while. I discovered after calling them on the phone that some of the items on their website were out of stock, and the site was not updated. They held onto my order, with the hopes that the items would arrive soon. I spoke to the owner and he came up with some alternatives, from which I chose one. Two days later my corrected order arrived. Since then my orders have arrived within a reasonable amount of time, and if there were any "Out of stock" Items in my order, then they would contact me by phone and help me find alternatives to my order. I have not visited their location as yet, but I will when i'm in the area. I found the items ordered to be complete and undamaged.

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