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Messinger Model Works

Editors Note:
As the details we hold for this Business are over 3 years old we cannot guarantee they are correct.
We have contacted this business on 4 occasions for an update since 21st October 2013 but they have not yet responded.
4920 Cloyne Street,  Oxnard,  California USA  93033
Telephone: 805-488-8599
 Mail Order Service available Opening Hours: BY PHONE AND APPOINTMENT ONLY
Worldwide Export: Yes
Model Types Stocked:

Model Railways


21st October 2013



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Stockists of:

- North American Outline -
Services Available:
- Modelling Advice - Service & Repairs - DCC Decoder Fitting -
Manufacturers stocked:
Hartland, Piko, Phoenix Sound, Tomar Industries
Scales & Gauges:
1:48th, 1:32nd & larger
O & Large Scale
DCC Products Stocked:
Piko, Massoth, Lenz, ESU, NCE, MTZ

Layout electrical design consultant, DCC specialist, installation, restoration, automation, animation, Complete prototype machine shop, RC installation in live steam, Will Travel if needed.
[RateIT] Current Rating: Four & a half Stars
 Previously submitted Customer Comments

William , Fresno - 31 Jul 2014 - Five Stars
This is the best service available i'm so thankful for great service and work that al did

Alex , Los Angeles, Ca - 18 Apr 2014 - Five Stars
Al messinger is an extraordinary craftsman with incredible and in depth technical knowledge. I had a tricky problem with an electrical part and he not only quickly spotted the issues but also designed and fabricated completely custom and complex electronic components that not only resolved the issues but also work and look great. Al is a pleasure to work with, responds quickly and has reasonable prices. He can fix or design anything and is a total pro.

Todd , Oxnard Ca. - 28 Dec 2013 - Five Stars
Thanks again al for your help with our christmas display over the years, once again al was"Johnny on the spot" to get a sick power pack up and running.My neighbor and our boys put on an an annual g-Scale train layout as a christmas street decoration, with huge crowds any down time is met with sad children’s faces, if an engine or as in the case this year a power pack dies , a call to al and he says "Bring it over"And as usual he confidently explains that he’ll have it up and running in no time .One thing I must say about al is his willingness to explain to me in layman’s terms what he is going to do to bring my engines (Or power packs)back to life , he really takes his time explaining to me the parts and equipment he will use , and with a laugh he tells me to relax "Well get her up and running again" Thanks al

Craig , Camarillo, Ca - 25 Dec 2013 - Five Stars
If you are looking for old world craftsmanship and quality, this is the man to go to. He has the knowledge and equipment to do anything you want to have or need to have done, and have it done right the first time. I have been building a large outdoor swiss themed layout and al is assiting me in doing it right the first time. I cannot recommend this man highly enough. If he cannot fix it, it can’t be fixed by anyone.Period! He is simply the best.

John , Killingworth, CT - 16 Nov 2013 - Five Stars
The wait is well worth it! the "Mechromancer" is a perfectionist. Al messinger has brought 3 of my lackluster locomotives back from mediocrity and poor performance, to awesome sound and DCC. He basically had to rebuild 2 of them from scratch. My layout has come alive with incredible steam sounds and action. His craftsmanship is remarkable. He is able to hide switches in the most creative places, maintaining the integrity of the model. If you want the best, than you can’t do any better than al!

Rev , Oxnard, California - 07 Nov 2013 - Five Stars
Al messinger has been a wonderful resource for all my train needs. The knowledge of G scale track layout and wiring helped to bring my layout plans to life. He came over to my pile of dirt and provided guidance to the project, don’t know of anyone who does this. Messinger model works brought my bachman G spectrum 55 ton shay back to life. The shay was in pieces in a box and now it’s running with full a sound install, and all broken parts repaired or replaced. If you want it fixed please do not hire a carpenter to work on your trains, hire a craftsman to do the job right the first time, messinger model works.

Dennis , Elburn, Il Usa - 29 Oct 2013 - Four & a half Stars
Al messinger is a very knowledgeable and wonderful person to work with, no matter the project. I had a pair of usa locomotives (SD 30 & mac 70) that had been purchased new with added decoders and phoenix sound for use on my massoth controlled g-Scale layout. The original dealer’s electrician had botched the installation so badly that both locomotives had literally been smoked. Al rebuilt both locomotives from the ground up properly wiring them for DCC operation. The sound systems needed to be wired through the decoder unlike the original wiring for sound that had been track powered. A major difference. When I got the locomotives back they were better than new. They have been on my 3, 000 SQ. FT. Layout for the last three years running without a single problem. Thanks al.

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