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Clubs and Societies Directory - ALABAMA

LOCAL RAILWAY CLUBS IN ALABAMA - Societies based in a particular locale often with regular meetings and get togethers.
Smokey City Rails Model Railroad Club Contact Club by mail
Contact Details: President,  Jackie Mims,  P. O. Box 609,  Helena,  Alabama   35124 Tel: 205-587-1338
Meeting Venue: Grand River Outlet Center,  Suite 638,  Leeds 
Meeting Day: EveryTuesday   Meeting Times: 6:30 PM
Modular HO scale model railroad club currently located in Suite 638 @ Grand River outlet mall, Leeds, Alabama. We can operate on DC and DCC using Digitrax controls. The club maintains the layout and members provide locomotives and rolling stock. Our modular layout is displayed multiple times throughout the year and we conduct a spring and fall show/sale in Helena, AL.
Details last updated 6th April 2019

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