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Clubs and Societies Directory - SASKATCHEWAN

LOCAL RAILWAY CLUBS IN SASKATCHEWAN - Societies based in a particular locale often with regular meetings and get togethers.
Thunder Creek Model Railroad Club Contact Club by mail
Contact Details: Sec/treas,  Gilles Doiron,  Moose Jaw
Meeting Venue: Western Development Museum,  Moose Jaw 
Meeting Day: Sep to Jun most Tuesday evening   Meeting Times: 7:30
We are a group of model railroad enthusiasts from the Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan area. We try to participate in and travel to model railroad show every year to promote the hobby. We enjoy showing off what we have built but most of all we enjoy the company of other model railroaders and discussing the hobby with the many interested people (young and not so young) that attend. We hope our attendance at these shows will encourage just one person to get out and enjoy the hobby.
Details last updated 18th October 2017

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