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Clubs and Societies Directory - TEXAS

LOCAL RAILWAY CLUBS IN TEXAS - Societies based in a particular locale often with regular meetings and get togethers.
N'Crowd Model Railroad Society Contact Club by mail
Contact Details: Newsletter Editor,  Tom Marsh,  C/o Papa Ben's Train Place,  4007 E Bellaire BLVD,  Houston,  Texas   77025
Meeting Venue: 4007 E Bellaire BLVD,  Houston  77025
Meeting Day: Third Wednesday   Meeting Times: 7 PM
The N'Crowd Model Railroad Society, aka Houston N'Crowd, was formed in 1978 to promote a then-new modular model railroading concept called N-Trak. We were the first N-Trak club to organize in southeast Texas. We are an active group, with a permanent layout housed at Papa Ben's Train Place in Houston, Texas. We hold monthly meetings, formal and informal operating sessions and present how-to clinics throughout the year, and we participate in the annual Greater Houston Train Show and other events.
Details last updated 31st August 2018
North Central Texas All Scale Model Railroad Club FaceBook link Contact Club by mail
Contact Details: Ho, G, 1:1 History And Photography,  Elden Baker,  Texas  
Meeting Venue: Rotational Basis,  Collin County 
NCTAS is a "less formal but more active" club. We operate model railroads in just about every scale/gauge imaginable. We meet at least monthly (usually the 3rd Saturday) at a member's home to work on each other’s railroads but, mainly we just run trains. Most meetings are held in Lavon, Plano, or Wylie but, we welcome members from anywhere in the North Central Texas region. There are no membership dues or requirements except a desire to play with trains.
Details last updated 23rd February 2016
Texas Northern Model Railroad Club FaceBook link Contact Club by mail
Contact Details: President,  Larry Breedlove,  Plano
Meeting Venue: 811 N. Central Expressway,  Colin Creek Mall,  Plano  75075
Meeting Day: Thursday night   Meeting Times: 7:30 PM
We have two independent main line tracks, each 246 feet long, with 28" Minimum radius, 3/4 scale mile sidings and a multiple wireless throttle system (HO and N). There are several independent industrial and mountain tracks with many side yards. Our members have in their collections, many unique locomotives representing a broad cross section of steam, diesel and electric motive power to pull an equally broad cross section of freight and passenger cars and we're not "Stuck in an era".
Details last updated 14th October 2018

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