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7th Street Shops, LLC


320 Grove Street,  Hamilton, Montana USA  59840

Telephone: 970-367-5881
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25th September 2015



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Scales: 1:87th HO, 1:64th S, 1:48th O, 1:32nd 1, Narrow Gauge
Services offered by this Supplier: Decoder Fitting Services, Painting & Weathering, RTR Repairs and Resprays

Custom Painting, DCC Installation, Repowering (Gearboxes, Motors and Mechanical), Minor Repairs; general model locomotive servicing facilities. Please note; we DO NOT accept work on HOn3 and smaller nor anything larger than O scale. We do not accept work on Plastic models of any scale.

Our primary objective is to provide the modeler and collector of brass locomotives with a complete facility for a quality one-stop experience. What ever you need done to your Brass models we can do.

A typical job is full service; we examine and fine-tune the engine mechanism. This includes driver quartering, mitigation of shorts in drivers, side and main rod issues, drive train issues. We often regear and remotor the model especially if DCC is involved. Next we custom paint the model to your specifications and will "Fill in" the historical details as much as possible if you don't know. Our paint jobs include (Where possible or applicable) real glass in cabs, detailed brushwork such as valve knobs, whistles, bells, lamp reflectors (Often custom turned), and a coal load (prices will reflect the parts involved. Then DCC is installed. Our installs include a Stay Alive circuit to reduce faulty operation as well as all lamps that are pre cored (We can core lamps as required and possible). We can install a mechanical exhaust cam where possible. We generally use High Base speakers and a breakaway plug between the tender and engine. Wires between the two pieces are typically just three but no more than 4 (There are always occasional exceptions). Finally we weather the engine to you desires. In addition we are skilled at reattaching parts that come loose - with solder! - and we will make every effort to replace missing parts. We are capable of generating custom parts and masters for lost wax but these are not among our standard services and are very expensive.We do have a considerable backlog and it isn't getting any smaller. We do not want to take your model and hold it for months or even years. We therefore ask that you contact us and, if we can be of service, that you provide a small deposit to show earnest toward our participation in your project. This puts you on our schedule board and when your job is due we ask that you send the model at that time. While you wait you keep your model and we keep ourselves clear of other people's property as much as possible. Every brass model is an individual having been crafted by hand. There are millions of them out their and each is a new encounter to service personnel. We charge a lot of money for two reasons; first, this is our only source of income. Second if we are not justly compensation for the time a job requires then we cannot commit to the excellence we strive to achieve. We hope we can be of service to you and that you will enjoy your models for many, many years. Thanks! Derrell Poole

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