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7th Street Shops, LLC


320 Grove Street,  Hamilton, Montana USA  59840

Telephone: 406 361 8198
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28th September 2019


Scales: Narrow Gauge
Services offered by this Supplier: Decoder Fitting Services, Painting & Weathering, RTR Repairs and Resprays

Brass model services; Custom Painting, DCC Installation, Gearboxes, Motors and Mechanical, Brass Repairs and Restorations; general model locomotive servicing facilities. We only accept Scale models made of brass between HO Standard Gauge (not HO narrow gauge) and O scale. We do not accept diecast, plastic, tinplate, "toy" trains or HOn3 and smaller scales of any kind.

A typical job is full service. Full service means; we ensure that the model looks the best that it can and, as a machine, it runs the best that it can. We custom paint the model to your specifications. Where possible or applicable, our paint jobs include real glass in cabs and headlamps, custom turned headlamp reflectors, hand-brushed details, and waterslide decals that look like paint (no visible film). We also add loads to fuel bunkers, install couplers and, at your request add a crew to the cab where possible.

Our Primary objectives for DCC installations are; a neat, inconspicuous installations with a convenience to store the model without destroying its Original Box Assembly, and; a reliable long lasting installation. These objectives require additional care and time to accomplish. Our Flat Fee for Standard DCC Sound Installation includes Soundtraxx Decoders, TCS or Soundtraxx Stay Alive Circuits, up to 4 Lamp functions that have pre cored castings, break away plugs between engine and tender and basic programming to include Auto Exhaust. We typically use incandescent lamps. Additional charges are routinely added as the specific job requires. The very striking Headlamp reflectors are custom turned and polished by us to fit the particular model and are not included in the Standard fee but are required for our installation none the less. We can install LEDs in most diesels and a FEW steam models at our hourly shop rate. Additional work beyond these enumerated inclusions are charged by our hourly shop rate.

We are masters at soldering brass parts and repair of damaged brass models. We are capable of generating custom parts and masters for lost wax or 3D printing but these are very expensive.

We typically have a backlog for major (scheduled) jobs of about 1.5 years but can take minor jobs as fill-in. (Minor jobs are considered less than 6 hours). We maintain a physical schedule board and work to keep that schedule.

If you are looking for economical services we will honestly advise you that we are not the service you are looking for. If you are a discerning modelers who understand the value of custom work, who understand that "custom" means the job is subject to specific and individual desires of the client and not "market" values then we will likely be your best choice. Custom work is not a consumable goods, it is an investment in individual interest.

In addition we are a licensed dealer for the new NorthWest Short Line, Soundtraxx and Train Control Systems. In 2019 we celebrated 10 years of formal, discerning services. Thank you for your inquiries and your support.

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