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Lunde Studios

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As the details we hold for this Business are over 3 years old we cannot guarantee they are correct.
We have contacted this business on 5 occasions for an update since 3rd May 2015 but they have not yet responded.

37 County Road 1390,  Eureka Springs, Arkansas USA  72632

Telephone: 4792535088
Credit Cards accepted Electronic Payments accepted e.g. PayPal Mail Order Service available


3rd May 2015


Catalogue: Online and by mail with SAE
Worldwide Export: Yes
Scales: 1:160th N, 1:87th HO,

HO and N Scale Structure Kits for Model Railroads

To achieve the highest level of crisp and deep-relief detail, these kits are hand-crafted in high quality tooling resin. Designs and pattern-work are by well-known Bob Lunde, who holds a degree in architecture and was the creator of DPM(Design Preservation Models). The results are city buildings of extraordinary realism and beauty in a sturdy, easy to model material.

In the original series of six kits, architectural details are cast in place except for recessed doors and a few add-ons such as cast signs. Walls are pre-colored in a matte finish, but painting of windows and parts of walls is required. A black roof, with cast-in details, and clear window material are always included. Written and photo instructions plus general construction tips are included.

In the +PLUS+ Series kits, windows are separate and pre-colored. Tab and slot square corner locators make assembly even easier. Walls are cast in a matte finish colors, leaving only the quick and easy painting for you. Detailed, cast black roof, cast building sign, clear window material and instructions are included. All future kits will be in the +PLUS+ Series, and the original series kits may be gradually discontinued.

QUICK-FLATS have been discontinued by Lunde Studios but will be reissued as an injection molded styrene line by another manufacturer late in 2015. Quick-Flats can fill up background areas rapidly because of the large size of the pieces and modeling simplicity. QUICK-FLATS also can be used to create complete structures of virtually any width and height quickly and easily. Scratch-building heaven!

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