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Tru-Color Paint


PO Box 74524,  Suite 104,  Phoenix, Arizona USA  85087-4524

Telephone: 714-488-9779
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11th December 2018


Catalogue: online and by mail
Worldwide Export: Yes
Services offered by this Supplier: Painting & Weathering,

Tru-Color Paint now available in 300+ colors for locomotives, freight cars, passenger equipment, MOW, depots and weathering. 2 New colors are being added each month for 2017! All colors are accurate matches to color drift panels, actual paint samples or have been matched by experts in their field. We are the only company offering passenger car interior paints for modelers. Flat, Brushable paints have been added to our extensive product line. Our masking paper is available in 8" x 10" size.

Over 150 paint colors in 3 categories have been added to our product line for the Model Automobile market. We have High Gloss Standard Colors, Metallic and Kandy/Pearlescent colors available in 1 and 2 oz. bottles. 3-Color Sets (6 bottles per set) are in stock for immediate delivery of the most popular automobile paints.
A complete Military paint line has been added. Included are paints for all U.S. Naval ships from pre-WWII to current colors, all German, Japanese and Royal Navy colors for WWII; all U.S. aircraft colors from 1925 to current (which includes all the Pre-WWII colors, the ANA colors and modern F-22 and F-35 colors), all German and RAF WWII paints plus all the Israeli plane colors from 1948 to current; and finally all of the U.S. Armor colors from 1935 to present day, German WWII colors and Israeli tank colors.
Tru-Color Paint will release 6 NEW colors each month for 2019 along with 2 new Matte colors as well.

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30 August, 2019

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