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Tomar Industries


9520 Napier Avenue,  Benton Harbor, Michigan USA  49022-9348

Telephone: 269-944-5129
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13th December 2016



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Scales: 1:160th N, 1:87th HO, 1:64th S, 1:48th O,

Our lighted, distinctive drumhead kits are second to none, we offer the largest variety of drumheads in the model railroad market. TOMAR's colorful drumheads are painstakingly reproduced from actual drumheads and photographs to give your passenger car fleet that special, authentic look.

While drumheads and TOMAR pickup shoes were long the mainstay in the line, that's no longer the case, as new products are being added to the line on a regular basis. Check out TOMAR's bumping post, wheel stops, end-Of-Train devices, minutely-Crafted line side signals and working grade crossing signals with operating gates.

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