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Bluford Shops LLC.


PO Box 152,  Bluford, Illinois USA  62814

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8th January 2018

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Scales: 1:160th N, 1:87th HO,

Manufacturer of HO & N Model Railroad Equipment.

Bluford Shops began in 2007 as a side project of two model railroad industry veterans, Craig Ross and Steve Rodgers. We saw a gap between road names available on N scale locomotives but not available on cabooses. We commissioned special runs of Atlas cabooses in Atlantic Coast Line, Central of Georgia, Monon, Boston & Maine and Southern plus runs on Grand Trunk Western and Central Vermont on the MDC wooden cabooses. While these were in process, we began to develop our first all new tooling project, 86' Auto Parts Boxcars in double door and quad door editions in N scale. by January of 2008, Bluford Shops became a full time venture. Along with additional N scale freight cars and our own tooling for new cabooses, we have brought our own caboose line to HO scale. We also have our popular Cornfields in both HO and N. The future looks bright as we continue to develop new products for your railroad.

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