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Frenchman River Model Works


PO Box 86,  Langdon, North Dakota USA  58249

Telephone: 701-256-2129
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15th June 2018


Catalogue: online
Scales: 1:87th HO, 1:64th S, 1:48th O,

Quality resin kits that are engineered to go together quickly and easily so you can have a scratch built looking showpiece in a few evening's time. We offer primarily ship and boat kits typical in a rail marine setting. We also have a growing line of buildings and structures as well as detail parts in HO/HOn30, S and O/On30 to help you build your dream layout and/or module. Come see what we have to offer today!

Our quality resin kits are engineered to go together quickly and easily. All the hulls of the ships are one piece castings and the rest of the pieces go together like building blocks. Add the included detail parts, then paint and you're done! Complete instructions are easy to follow and are ideal for a beginning modeler to easily complete.

For the experienced modeler these kits provide endless opportunities for kit-Bashing your one-Of-A-Kind masterpiece. Whatever your modeling experience, our kits easily build into a beautiful model that everyone will think you spent hours scratch building.Only you will the know the difference! Each of our kits pack enough detail and character to ensure a "Front-And-Center" Place on your train layout or module.

When you open your kit from Frenchman River Model Works you'll notice that everything is packed well so that the parts are cushioned and protected. The resin and pewter parts are clean with very minimal "Flash" to clean up. The kit parts photos pictured with each kit throughout our website are indicative of the quality of the parts you can expect "Fresh out of the box". We believe our phrase, "Quick assembly time! Great results" Truly says it all.

Resin kits need cyanoacrylic (CA) super glue to assemble them. Regular model glue will NOT work. You can pick up some of this glue at your local hobby shop, or we offer a kit complete with more than enough CA glue to complete any of our kits, an applicator tool, and applicator tip as well as an instruction sheet to help you if you're not familiar with the glue. CA glue is VERY easy to work with and when used with the accelerator will set instantly. We also offer a product called "UN-CURE" to help you if you need to undo anything.

Your kit may be easily painted using your favorite type of paint as well as your favorite method of painting (i.e. Brush, aerosol can, or airbrush). We have found that simply brushing on acrylic craft paint can give great results!

Stop by our site today and see what we have to offer. Sign up for our email list to be notified about sales and new product announcements. Like us on Facebook and join the conversation with other model railroaders just like you. We look forward to your visit.

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