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Con-Cor International Ltd


8101 E. Research Court,  Tucson, Arizona USA  85710-6758

Telephone: 520-721-8939
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17th January 2019


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Worldwide Export: Yes
Scales: 1:160th N, 1:87th HO,
Services offered by this Supplier: Decoder Fitting Services,

Con-Cor has been Manufacturing Scale Model Trains Since 1962. 2019 will be our 57th year in business. Products available through many hobby shops through out USA. Some International dealers will do special order for customers. However, we also are happy to sell direct to the individual model train enthusiast, as we have delivered over 55,000 direct mail orders over the years to customers not only in USA, but many International countries. Not all items in stock at all times.

Also the home of Labelle Lubricants, the finest model railroad lubricants available from any source. Labelle has been the #1 seller of model train lubricants for all scales in the USA since 1975.
Almost ONE MIllION pc sold to satisfied model railroaders.
Check out the Labelle website for not only our model railroad lubricants, but also specialized
Lubricants for many other industries, include RC Airplanes and Drones, RC Boats, Hobby power tool
Lubricants for motor tools such as Dremel, Foredom etc.
-Automobile Lubes
-Outdoor Hobbiest Lubes (Fishing reels, gun oils etc.
Just use search engine to find web-site for "Labelle-Lubricants"

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30 August, 2019

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