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Twin Ports Rail History


201 Edgewater Drive,  Bloomingdale, Illinois USA  60108

Telephone: 630-893-5719
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1st August 2016


Catalogue: Online
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Twin Ports Rail History produces, publishes, and sells the Twin Ports Time Machine series of digital image discs. Each edition is a special collection of beautifully restored color and black & white photographs that presents a unique railroader's perspective of the railroads of Duluth, MN. and Superior, WI. including the Burlington Northern; Northern Pacific; Great Northern; Lake Superior Terminal & Transfer Railway; Duluth Missabe & Iron Range; Duluth Winnipeg & Pacific; C&NW; and Soo Line.

Twin Ports Rail History buys, sells, and appraises old collections of color slides, negatives, photographs, paper items, books, and railroadiana.

We provide sales consulting services to others wanting to learn how to sell profitably their inherited collections of railroad items. We created a series of free sales training guides that are available on our web site. Twin Ports Rail History has consulted on numerous model train projects to get new models and parts onto the marketplace including more than 250 different brass model trains made between 1986 and 2013 in N scale, HO scale, S scale and O scale too. We have assisted numerous historical restoration projects throughout the USA to help get full size locomotives restored and repainted into their original and historic paint schemes including most recently GN F45 441, DM&IR SD9 129, CB&Q SD24 504, and others.

Our materials have been used in presentations by the Great Northern Railway Historical Society and the Northern Pacific Railway Historical Association. Our historic railroad photographs and scale model train layout building articles have been published in numerous hobby publications over the years. Today, we specialize almost exclusively in the railroads of the Twin Ports of Duluth, MN. and Superior, WI.

We enjoy helping others to succeed with their own railroad modeling and research projects. If you're looking for photos, plans, or information about the Twin Ports railroad scene we look forward to speaking with you today. Feel free to drop us a line or visit our web site. We just might have what you're looking for. If we don't, we won't waste your time, because that's how we roll at Twin Ports Rail History.

Be sure to sign up for our free once-a-month e-newsletter today so you're always informed about our latest products and services.

Thanks for your interest and support. It is always appreciated.


Jeff Lemke
Twin Ports Rail History

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