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Tools GS


1150 University Avenue,  Suite 5,  Rochester, New York USA  14607

Telephone: 585-241-2370
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11th February 2019


Catalogue: online
Worldwide Export: Yes

ToolsGS is your premium source for quality professional tools for artisans, technicians, hobbyists, jewelers and craftsmen. G-S manufactures and distributes G-S precision applicator adhesives and precision tools for many applications, including hobbies and crafts, watch, clock and gauge repair, and jewelry manufacturing. Our precision tools are widely used in fine scale modeling, model railroading, beading, watch and jewelry manufacturing and repair.

G-S HYPO CEMENT is a clear-drying precision applicator adhesive that is ideal for model building, precision repairs, and intricate assembly projects. It is widely recommended for cementing model airplane canopy windows and for all fine scale modeling projects. The built-in precision applicator dispenses a fine, controlled line of water-clear cement, making assembly easy and mess-free. The cement is NOT a cyanoacrylate, will not bond fingers, and will not damage the surface to which it is applied. It gets tacky after 20 seconds, and allows the user to make fine adjustments for about 2 minutes. It dries within about 10 minutes and hard dries in about 24 hours. Any excess cement can be removed easily with a Q-Tip and rubbing alcohol.

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