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B H I Publications


PO Box 247,  Cottleville, Missouri USA  63338

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21st August 2015



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Catalogue: Online
Worldwide Export: Yes
Scales: Narrow Gauge

Railroad Books & Publications; Road Specific Magnets & Bookmarks; Line drawings & photographs

Publisher of the following:
Quick Pic Book series
Mastering Model Railroading series<li>Folio & Diagram series
Maine 2' series
Military Railway series
Aircraft Reference series.

We also publish many other individual books to aid modelers, manufacturers, and those involved in restoration and preservation.

Our materials have been used by manufacturers & restoration groups including Bachmann, Kato, Kadee, Micro-Trains, Blackstone Models, Division Point, Rio Grande Models, Phil's Narrow Gauge, Sandy River Car Shops, Carstens Publications, Wiseman Models, San Juan Car Company, P-B-L, Midwest Central Railroad, Georgetown Loop Railroad, Maine Narrow Gauge Museum, National Museum of Transportation, US Army Transportation Corps Museum, National Museum of the US Air Force, National Museum of Naval Aviation, and others.

For specific groups we are willing to discuss customizing our existing products or designing completely new products to fill your needs.

New author and/or photographer inquiries welcome.

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