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Innovative Hobby Supply


11610 Jay Street N.W,  Minneapolis, Minnesota USA  55448

Telephone: (866) 712-4059
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22nd January 2019


Scales: 1:87th HO, 1:64th S, 1:48th O, 1:32nd 1, Large,

Manufacturer of Jel Claws racing tires, Ultracal decals, Photo Real Scale Building kits, EZ Chrome finishing foil, Ultra Restore plastic polish, EZ Mag wheel inserts, Ultra Reflect light reflective scale signs, Ultra Fence simulated chain link fence kits, EZ Canvas simulated cloth/canvas, and Ultra Sign Post scale sign post kits.

Jel Claws scale auto racing tires are computer designed, real rubber tires that "Grip the Track Like a Magnet". Works great on any slot car track, available in all popular scales such as 1/32, 1/24, 1/43, 1/64. Tooling is CNC manufactured for extreme accuracy, and high-Pressure injection molded. Tires use a proprietary rubber compound to produce the best quality tire in the industry. Suitable for use with scale models too.

Ultracal High-Def racing decals are lift and apply, precision pre-Cut for easy of application. Printed on a super thin poly material. Ultracal decals conform easily to complex contours, show body details nicely, and resist scuffing, abrasion, direct sunlight and look great for years to come. Available in all popular scales, with a line of R/C decals too. Ultracal decals make use of popular time tested designs such as racing stripes, roundels, numbers, etc.

Photo Real Scale Building Kits are pre-Printed scale buildings that make use of photographed building materials such as bricks, shingles, siding, concrete, etc. The result is a scale building that looks amazingly realistic. Available in many popular scales such as 1/87 HO, 1/64 slot car HO, 1/48, with other scales being produced.

Ultra Reflect Signs are pre-Printed transportation and directional signs printed on true light reflective material, and come with a metal backer that can be cut with a common scissors. Available in many scales. Looks fantastic in dimmly lit conditions (Reflects light like real signs), and perfect when used in conjunction with Ultra Sign Post kits.

EZ Chrome is a real metal finishing foil that makes use of a strong adhesive that really stays put once applied. Creates a real metal chrome-Like appearance.

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