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Snapshot: Evan Designs


Tel: 303-438-8667
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Evan Designs


3509 Swan Lane,  Fort Collins, Colorado USA  80524

Telephone: 303-438-8667  Cell Phone:09/28/1964
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19th November 2017


Catalogue: SAE
Worldwide Export: Yes
Scales: 1:160th N, 1:87th HO, 1:64th S, 1:48th O, 1:32nd 1, Large, Narrow Gauge

Great Detail for your model train layout with Evan Designs software. Print your own Buildings, signs, ads. Use Evan Designs plug and play LEDs in your locomotives, buildings, rolling stock, scenery. Create Realistic Custom Model Train Details for Your Modeling Needs!

Model Builder: This is the one program you need to make buildings and building flats! New! Try a Free Building on our website! Print Model Buildings using Model Builder's 500+ materials in 34 categories. You can tile, overlap or resize materials to create custom buildings. Select what you need then print out your finished building designs in your scale. Watch a video demo of Model Builder. Thousands of possibilities!

Window Designer: Do you have Plastic Buildings? End that terrible "Vacant Building Look" With Window Designer!! Add our scale window treatments, clip art, and silhouettes in the Design Screen. You can even add your own custom text to your windows. Never have two buildings look alike!

Brickyard: With Brickyard, you can print out unlimited sheets of brick and stone in the scale you need. Choose from 20 different styles. Compatible with all scales, and compatible with Model Builder.

American Ads Collection: the American Advertising Collection Program is loaded with over 100 Classic Advertisements from the US 1950's - 1960's. Resize ads in the design screen to the exact size you need. Add advertising to Building Sides, Box Cars, Store Windows, or create Billboards. Supports Z, N, HO, S, O, OO, G, 1:35 1:72 and more!

Stained Glass Collection: Every layout can use some decorative Stained Glass. This Complete Program has a collection has 28 different patterns that can be resized in the design screen to fit any size window. Compatible with Model Builder!

LED lighting products: Pre-Wired LED's for Locomotive Headlights, warning signs, street lights, signal lights, Train Running Lights, building lights, and more!! We have done all the assembly work for you. Hook these lights to AC, DC, or DCC power. Leave the lights on for hours, they won't burn out or get hot!

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