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Builders in Scale

Editors Note:
As the details we hold for this Business are over 3 years old we cannot guarantee they are correct.
We have contacted this business on 6 occasions for an update since 12th October 2015 but they have not yet responded.

PO Box 1427,  Mukilteo, Washington USA  98275

Telephone: 425-355-5622
Credit Cards accepted Electronic Payments accepted e.g. PayPal Mail Order Service available


12th October 2015


Catalogue: free with order Find a Retailer:

Worldwide Export: Yes
Scales: 1:160th N, 1:87th HO, 1:64th S, 1:48th O,

Fine Craft HO Kits and More! For the craftsman model builder we offer a whole range of detailing parts, building materials, construction stocks, scale figures, and general supplies, serving N, HO, S and O scales, with some for G.

GENERAL MODELING SUPPLIES include SilverWood stains, weathering chalks, brick mortar mix, snow, sand and Hydrocal.
SCRATCH BUILDING AND DETAIL PARTS include six sizes of scale CHAIN, plain, roll and seamed TAR PAPER, LACE curtains and Venetian BLINDS along with other details. We offer SLATE SHINGLES, kraft paper shingles, TRUEWOOD shingles, Victorian shingles in all shapes and sizes in multiple scales, and same with CORRUGATION and RIB-SEAMED roofing/siding.
An extensive matrix of LASER-CUT planking and STAIR STRINGERS are available.
HO craft kits include our original Evening Express kits for one or more evenings of model building.
HO WHITE METAL DETAIL sets are available in our kits and separately in sets, along with O-SCALE WHITE METAL DETAILS and FIGURES.
SWITCHMASTER slow-Motion switch machines and accessories.

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